notes from homeowner meeting to discuss rezoning of nearby land

For those of you who couldn’t attend tonight’s meeting with Wood Partners regarding the redevelopment of the land at the corner of Morrisville Carpenter and Davis Drive, between Carpenter Village and CVS, please see below for the notes.

They encouraged us to reach out to them with additional questions. The main contact for our area, Caitlin Shelby, is currently on maternity leave, so in the short term questions should be directed to Carter Siegel:

Wood Partners

  • Carter Siegel (Charlotte office) presenting on behalf of Caitlin Shelby (Durham office, maternity leave)
  • National multi-family real estate development group
  • Land by CVS under contract pending rezoning
  • Started rezoning process for mixed use (live/work) apartments
  • 70 offices around the country, mostly east coast, HQ in Atlanta
  • Active in Carolinas since the 1980s
  • Have developed 10-15 properties in Raleigh area
  • Specialty is high end, luxury apartments

‚ÄúConditional-Neighborhood Activity Center”

  • Current property zoning is Low Density Residential ~2 units per acre
  • Request for Conditional-Neighborhood Activity Center is for higher density (17-18 units per acre) and allows single person businesses (accountants, attorneys)
  • Expected usage: small business owners to run business out of ground floor
  • 280 rental units would be managed by Wood Partners
  • 4 buildings, each 4 stories with elevators, some 5/4 split (with basement)
  • Mix of 1 (53%), 2 (28%), and 3-bed units with ground floor offices
  • Avg unit would be 1000 sqft

Site Plan

  • Current proposal available at
  • 4 buildings with majority of the site as natural, undisturbed green space/buffer (8 acre easement to Parks and Rec)
  • Will build a retention pond for storm water storage and treatment with controlled outflow on northern side of green space
  • Widening Morrisville Carpenter (deceleration lane) based on traffic impact analysis
  • Swimming pool in the center of U-shaped building
  • Primary entrance at northwest corner of property on Morrisville-Carpenter, no traffic light planned
  • White arrows at northeast corner indicate gated emergency vehicle driveway
  • Future connections on east side of property (white arrows)
  • Grey is parking area
  • Not building it up, using current grade
  • ~380 parking spaces (no garages)
  • Sidewalk will be built toward the beginning of the project along with road improvements, and should join to existing sidewalks

Development Process

  • Mostly engineering work (road improvements, ingress and egress) right now
  • Thursday, July 12th, Planning and Zoning meeting
  • Mid-October: expected town council vote
  • June 2019 is expected construction begin date with expected 20 months to completion

Neighbor Concerns

  • Visibility of apartments in winter (no leaves on trees) from Ivy Tree
  • Runoff from north side of Morrisville Carpenter Rd that goes under Carpenter Town Ln, past Ivy Tree Ln and drains by Morrisville Community Park
  • Left turns onto Morrisville Carpenter from entrance
  • School funding (NC legislature has rules that proffers, fee per unit that goes into public funding, are illegal), so primary local revenue is from property taxes

Carter Action Items

  • Investigate whether sidewalks will be fully connected
  • Confirm if fencing will be provided between apartments and CV on west side of proprty
  • Confirm dedicated right turn lane to be added onto Davis Drive
  • Water engineering and existing runoff management
  • Description of limitations on business use of Neighborhood Activity Center
  • Interaction between Morrisville and TOC on greenway connections
  • Look into landscaping plan for evergreens between CV and property
  • Height of light poles (typically 18 feet), light shield options
  • Hours of construction (7:30-5:30?)
  • Check on playground equipment
  • Crosswalk with pedestrian-operated traffic light at main entrance
  • Return to talk with CV when elevations available