Alleyway Etiquette

Carpenter Village alleyways are the property of our Homeowners Association; please follow these common courtesy guidelines regarding their use.

No Parking

Vehicle parking on Carpenter Village alleyway surfaces is prohibited at all times. This restriction includes temporary parking by home service providers such as home improvement contractors, landscapers, carpet cleaners, movers, delivery trucks, or any other commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicles should use and park on public streets only. Vehicles parked in the alleyways limit access to residents and emergency vehicles. Resident landscape property can be damaged as vehicles negotiate driving around vehicles parked in the alley.

Drive slow
Observe a reasonable speed limit maximum of 8 mph and slower if children are present. Alleyways are narrow driveways where children often play; for the safety of children and pedestrians drive slowly and cautiously.

Avoid through traffic
Alleyways are intended for the use of residents and guests and should not be used as a through street.

This information is provided by the Carpenter Village Board of Directors.