Community Involvement Meeting – April 3.

Call for Volunteers – April 3 @ 7 PM – ending before the NCAA final!

Our community is in a transition from maintenance to enhancement. As our development ages a time of change is underway from repairing the amenities we all enjoy to planning to ensure long-term aesthetic beauty of the neighborhood. With new developments being made all around us it is important that we begin to address this.

The Board of Directors for the Carpenter Village Homeowners Association is calling for your help.

We’re asking you to consider attending a “Community Involvement Meeting” on April 3, 2017 at 7 PM in the Carpenter Village Clubhouse. Light refreshments will be served.

There are a number of ways you can be involved ranging from a single task, occasional functions, committee help, or ongoing commitments to help guide the community.

We’re interested in bringing fresh ideas into the decision process from our diverse group of residents, working toward the same goal – a better community and protecting our property values. It’s the single largest investment most of us will make.

How can you help and how long does it take? Here are some ways, and we would welcome any new suggestions that you might have.

• Welcome committee – help to orient new neighbors to the area and our HOA. A few hours a year.
• Website, do you know WordPress? 1-2x per month, 1 – hour + occasional maintenance.
• Streetlight outrage notification. 1x a year for about an hour.
• Photography for the website. Got a drone?
• Committee work with your neighbors to help keep our activities and pool running smoothly. Once a month for a couple hours.
• Help guide the community with the management of the HOA with other members of the board of directors. Once a month for two-three hours. Some email communication during the month. Occasional special meetings.
• Got ideas? Please come and share them!

Even if you don’t know how you can contribute please consider attending as we will all be discussing ideas for everyone’s involvement.

Fun Fact: Did you know that we barely had a quorum at our last annual meeting? We have more than 900 units in our association. 34 homeowners attended the annual meeting and just 57 residents sent in their proxies.

Play a role in invigorating the community!

Carpenter Village Board of Directors