FEEDBACK REQUESTED for proposed development

FEEDBACK REQUESTED from Carpenter Village (CV) Residents about a proposed rezoning for a new, high density development between our neighborhood and CVS!

Wood Partners is seeking Morrisville’s approval to build four high-density apartment buildings adjacent to our neighborhood. The developer met with the CV community on two occasions with their proposal, with limited CV homeowner participation.

The CV HOA Board is proposing to submit an official statement in opposition to the rezoning request. Prior to doing this, the Board would like feedback from the community to ensure we are speaking for the majority of Carpenter Village. Please complete our survey at to share your opinion with the Board.

The new development will include 290 rental units that will be between 3-5 stories tall and will require 400 vehicle parking spots. This may have a significant impact to all CV Residents:

Density: The proposed rezoning would change this area from low-density residential to a high-density community activity center with 290 units on 20 acres. By contrast, nearby Grace Park has 128 units on 30 acres. This means 290 apartments in addition to the 300+ new homes that will be going across the street on the old Ferrell Farm as well the Franklin Park development in our own neighborhood.

Traffic: There may be a significant impact to traffic patterns at an already congested and dangerous intersection. The main access will be directly across from the Bethany Village (Food Lion shopping center) entrance and will allow left and right turns on Morrisville Carpenter Road from the apartment complex. No traffic lights can be placed here per NC-DOT restrictions.

Property Values: The size and density of the apartment buildings may significantly impact CV property values. Fifty foot high apartment complexes will be within 35 yards of Carpenter Village.

Schools: Our schools and public facilities are already overwhelmed by rapid development. The property is presently slated to the already capped Carpenter Elementary School and will only exacerbate our present situation and destabilize school placements in the future.

The rezoning proposal will now go to the Morrisville Town Council on September 11th at 6:30pm for final review before a vote in late September. This meeting will be held at the Morrisville Town Hall. You can attend in support of those CV homeowners that will be speaking and addressing the concerns with this proposal.