Facilities & Grounds Committee

  • Chair – Scott Anderson
  • Vice Chair – Alicia Gordon
  • Secretary – Laura Trubey
  • Karen Langebeck
  • Brian Tepper
  • Annie Kimura
  • Christine Firman

Questions, ideas, or concerns?  Please contact the committee at grounds@carpentervillage.org

The F&G Committee holds regular meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, at 7pm, at the clubhouse.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Facilities & Grounds Committee is to advise, assist and make recommendations to the Carpenter Village Board of Directors regarding the operation, safety, security, rules, policies, repairs, maintenance, enhancements and use of the CV HOA common property, facilities, infrastructure and amenities (except for the CV pool).  These recommendations will encourage good stewardship, policies and long-range planning for maintenance and improvement of CV facilities and grounds, while balancing the needs of the community with available financial resources.

Purpose of This Charter: This charter is commissioned by the CV Board to establish the Facilities & Grounds Committee, which will work in an advisory capacity and at the pleasure of the Board.  The Committee shall work with the BOD, Board Liaison, and the Community Manager in determining the short- and long-range use and improvements needed of the existing/future facilities, amenities, infrastructure, and the beautification of the structures and HOA common property.