Management Company

CV Pool Management Company:
Derek Wall, President – Triangle Aquatics, LLC
(919) 238-6070

Pool Committee Chairperson

Inga Allred
(919) 749-7753

Pool Committee Members

Nicole Magers
(919) 462-6288

Bill Schaffroth
(919) 279-5619

Pool Gate Key Fobs (for pool entry)

Two key fobs per each Qualified Residence listed on the official CV HOA Registry of Owner/Residents are avilable to the Property Owner or to his/her Agent at no charge. An additional key fob will cost $25. No Qualified Residence may have more than three key fobs total.

For rental properties, the Owner or the Renter of a property will possess pool membership, not both. An owner of property that qualifies above for pool membership must transfer their privileges to use all CV amenities to their renter for the renter to be eligible for privileges at CV Pool and to be allowed to use the owner’s Key Fob. Please fill out the Amenities Transfer form.

Key fobs can be mailed or issued in person to the Property Owner or to his/her Agent. Each Key Fob received will require Owner or Agent signature.

To receive a Key Fob, contact the Omega Management Company. A legal photo ID such as a driver’s license is required. Property ownership and dues will be verified.

A Key Fob Agreement for each key fob must be signed by the Property Owner of the Qualified Residence to which the fob is registered or by his/her Agent as defined above. The Property Owner signing the release or signing the letter preauthorizing his/her Agent accepts all responsibility for the actions of anyone using the key fob.

Unguarded Pool Access Hours

Resident adult (over the age of 18) pool members are eligible for “Unguarded Pool Access” to the Carpenter Village Pool in accordance with the Unguarded Pool Access Agreement. Unguarded Pool Access means that NO LIFEGUARDS WILL BE ON DUTY. The Application for Unguarded Pool Access must be signed by each adult resident that seeks access to the pool during Unguarded Pool Access periods. Parents of minor children who may use the pool during Unguarded Pool Access hours must also sign the Unguarded Pool Access Agreementon behalf of their minor children.

Unguarded Hours can be found by following this link.

Policy Changes During Unguarded Hours

No more than two (2) guests per adult pool member during Unguarded Pool Access hours

ABSOLUTELY NO parties are permitted during unguarded hours

Guest Policy

Each address that qualifies for pool membership is allowed to bring up to five (5) Guests to the pool at one time at no charge. Guests must be accompanied by a Pool Member at all times unless an exception has been granted. For special guest situations, please submit a Special Guest Exception form.

Party Policy

The Pool Management Company determines the number of lifeguards present based on expected pool usage. If one or more unexpected large groups arrive at the pool, enough lifeguards may not be present to safely guard the pool and to meet insurance requirements. Therefore all organized events, even ones composed of only CV Pool Members, must be approved. Please refer to the Pool Handbook for the Special Event/Party Policy. Please use the Pool Event Agreement to request a special event at the pool.